How to Drive Your Ex Absolutely Crazy to Be With You Again? You Don't Want to Miss This

Published: 20th May 2010
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Break ups can be painful for most people and to put your past relationship completely behind you may be impossible and one always desires to win back the love of your ex, because it is precious to both.

A break up causes hurt and pain which is difficult to cope with for the couple, but you should not lose hope and get into the sad state of mind. Be strong and try to come out of it soon and live life to the fullest again.

Invest time and money on your looks and body to look attractive again. Go to the beauty parlor and visit the local gym to get back to shape. Try to go to a health spa have some revitalizing massages that will transform you into a diva. It will be the cause of envy and make your ex go crazy over you.

Try to be in places where your ex often visits and get noticed by him. Do try to keep your ex at a distance to make him miss you. Instead mingle with your ex's friends and this will surely make him jealous. Work hard and do well at your work front. Instead concentrate on your work, which would do wonders for you.

Avoid meeting your ex for a while which may compel him/her to come back to you as soon as possible. Try not to impose yourself on your ex as this will take him away from you. Make him/her agree to your terms gently instead.

Never hesitate to say sorry if you feel that you are responsible for the break up. A sincere heartfelt apology can melt many a hearts and help to win back your ex.

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