How to Deal With the Tests Girls Throw at Men - 7 Perfect Ways Which Always Work Real Well

Published: 27th May 2010
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Sometimes men find it extremely difficult to deal with a girl's behavior simply because she seems to change as easily as a chameleon! If you are afraid of messing up a friendship by not being able to handle the tests a girl throws your way, take a look at these tips to learn how to best deal with them.

The "I don't need a man" test
This is one of the most common types of tests you could run into when approaching a good looking and attractive girl. The best way to deal with this is to ignore her because you don't really need to have a girl who is too full of herself and thinks she is better than you! If she actually likes you she will soon change her tune.

The "Let's just be friends" test
Sometimes girls keep trying to keep you at bay by pretending to be "just friends". She could be actually throwing you a challenge to see if you are going to persist in trying to be more than a friend. It is up to you to read between the lines as to whether she really means it or not, and act accordingly.

The "I'm seeing someone" test
This is what a girl would say as a defense tactic in case she feels you are going to reject her. She will also tell you that she already has a boyfriend in order to test your interest in her. Learning more about the girl would be your best way to pursue her without being too pushy. You can easily find out details about her relationship status.

The Commitment test
Most girls would like to find out if the guys they are dating are scared of commitment or not. She is bound to ask questions like "what are your views on marriage" or something to that effect at some time or the other. Other probing questions regarding commitment are also tests.

The best way to deal with them is to be as honest as possible. You don't really have to answer these and can avoid the questions either tactfully or by giving her the silent treatment.

The Subtle Test
Girls can throw a test at you and you won't even see it coming! You have to be smart enough to recognize tests and handle them in a composed and cool manner. Women are quick to pick up lies or exaggerations. The best way to pass any test is to be blatantly honest and upfront.

The "I'm not interested" test
If you find her giving all the guys around attention and ignores you, it could be that she is testing your interest in her - how far you would go to catch her attention and pursue her. Either you ignore her too and do the same or let her know that you know she's faking interest in the others.

The "Body Language" Test
Don't forget girls can read you and judge your body language even before you can open your mouth to say "hi". It's what they call - women's intuition. So, they are automatically checking you out and putting you to the test - picking up details about you that help them to judge your character in a few seconds!

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