How to Deal With Tests From Women - You Must Be Aware of This Before You End Up Getting Played

Published: 29th April 2010
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Often you might find women behaving very funnily with you. What you might not know is that such women prefer testing their men before they let them proceed any further.

Here are 4 tips on how to deal with tests from women and pass them with flying colors...

No.1 - Remain alert. The best attitude to possess is to remain alert at all times and not fall prey to any sucker test posed by any woman.

Before answering any question, quickly ask yourself as to the real reason that the woman might have asked you the question in the first place.

No.2 - Tell her what she wants to hear. A woman might be testing you to see if you are good for short affairs, good in bed, good husband material, etc.

If you feel that you agree with her question and are at a place where you want to be, then simply give her the answer that she wants to hear. This will satisfy her curiosity.

No.3 - Do not take it as a predicament. Do not get verbally aggressive when she puts you through a mental wringer even if you know about it.

Instead talk your way out of any curve ball that she throws at you with confidence and if possible, honesty. This will impress her completely.

No.4 - Do not wave the white flag. Do not talk back in exasperation and throw in the white towel. When women test you, they expect you to give them a fight. They also need to know where you stand on certain issues.

So, answer each test with zest and participate actively so as to keep her interest alive. This will be much more rewarding than just getting your marks after the test.

These 4 tips will help you to sail through any test that any woman throws at you. Use them to pass and get rewarded by your woman in a manner that might test you in other ways.

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