How to Catch a Lie From Your Mate? Little Known Tactics to Become a Human Lie Detector

Published: 13th May 2010
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If your mate has been lying to you - then it's about time you did something about it. How would you find out if you are being cheated on? There are plenty of ways to find out if the person you trusted with all your heart has been pulling wool over your eyes! Catch your lying mate by following the tips mentioned below:

A sure way to find out if he/she is lying is to ask him/her to clear up a certain doubt you have. If he/she is lying, then most probably he/she will stammer, stutter and mumble a response. His/her sentences will be full of nonsensical words like "er. ah, uhmmm, etc" that will show that he/she is buying time and trying to find a plausible excuse.

A lying mate will not maintain eye contact with you as there is no way he/she will look you in the eye, knowing that he/she is cheating on you.

Keep a record of names, places and dates your mate has said he/she was out on business. You could check with these names and find out if it were really true.

You could pretend that you have some information and proof that your mate has lied to you and you are willing to produce it if necessary. Make sure your mate does not suspect that you are trying to catch him/her, or else he/she would continue to stick to his/her story and then you would fail in your attempt to catch him/her. This may make him/her break down and confess.

A lying mate can easily break your heart. If you are willing to forgive and forget then try to have a heart to heart talk with your mate and get him/her to confess. If he/she does, you can either try to salvage your relationship. If the lies have destroyed all hopes of getting together, then it is better to move on to a new beginning with a trustworthy partner!

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