How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Red Handed - 7 Sure Shot Ways You Can't Afford to Miss

Published: 06th May 2010
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If you have a gut-feeling that your spouse is cheating with someone else behind your back, then you might simply develop an ulcer by just thinking about it.

Instead of fretting, use these 7 tips on how to catch a cheating spouse red handed.

The 1st tip is to simply follow your wayward spouse in a friend's car or a cab. Arm yourself with a digital camera so as to record each devious move that your spouse makes with the other person.

The 2nd tip is to install a spy program in your spouse's mobile phone. This program will send you alerts along with details of all calls made and received from your spouses phone and might also allow you to actually listen in on any call.

The 3rd tip is to call up your spouse when he/she says that he/she is working late in the office or at the ball game. While talking to your spouse, try to listen in on all the background sounds since it should match with his/her excuse.

The 4th tip is to install spy cameras in your spouse's car or even in your house if you suspect that it is being used as the den of his/her lustful affair. You will get adequate proof albeit in an unpleasant manner if your ex breaks all the limits after meeting up with the other person.

The 5th tip is to simply tell your spouse that you plan to leave for the entire day to another part of the city for shopping or for some work. Simply sneak in to any next-door neighbor's house and observe through the window if any other person enters your house and then barge into your home to catch the couple in unholy union.

The 6th tip is to attach a small GPS tracking device to your spouse's car. Track the movements of the car and cross-check it with your spouse's story at the end of the day. If they do not match up then he/she is busted.

The 7th tip is to simply hire a good private investigator to do a thoroughly professional job of catching your spouse red handed.

Hence, these 7 tips can surely catch your spouse red handed in the midst of enjoying the illicit affair, and with the proof in your hand, you can certainly silence any pathetic excuse that your spouse might try to throw back at you.

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