How to Catch a Cheating Spouse - 4 Massively Effective Tricks Which Always Work

Published: 29th April 2010
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If your spouse has forgotten all about his/her marital obligation and is two-timing you then you need to catch your spouse and put an end to this immoral activity.

Use these 4 tricks to catch a cheating spouse and turn your doubts into a painful certainty...

Trick # 1 - Honey, I am going out of town. Trick your immorally tenacious spouse by stating that you will be going out of town to attend to pending matters or simply to visit a few friends.

Your spouse is certain to call the other person to the house to enjoy his/her dishonest company and you can simply double up to your house and catch them red-handed.

Trick # 2 - Insist on paying the credit card bill. Ask your spouse for his/her credit card statement and insist that you will pay the bill.

This will make your spouse break sweat since the statement might contain bills of gifts, dinners or motel room rentals that your spouse might be hiding from you.

Trick # 3 - Call up your spouse at his/her office. If your spouse claims to be working late in his/her office, then call up the office on the official number and confirm if he/she is actually working late.

Better still, show up without any warning to him/her with a sandwich or pizza to confirm his/her presence in the office.

Trick # 4 - Trail your spouse to his/her secret den. You can trail your spouse whenever you get suspicious of his/her motives. Follow your spouse in disguise and watch him/her lead you right to his/her secret den.

You should also carry along a camera to record all the evidence so that your spouse does not have any excuse to blurt out when you throw it on his/her face.

These tricks will help you to catch your cheating spouse and also help you to present irrefutable proof if he/she decides to challenge you at home or in court.

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