How to Burn Fat Like Crazy? Here Are the Secrets You Have Been Desperately Searching For

Published: 17th May 2010
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Getting rid of accumulated fat in the body is no mean feat. One has to realize and come to terms with all the factors that contribute to obesity and weight gain. The faster one can get rid of excess fat and get physically trim and healthy the better it is, because it has been proved that obesity is linked to serious conditions like diabetes, heart attacks and hypertension.

Right Nutrition.
Make sure you reduce carbohydrate consumption, and overall fat consumption. High cholesterol sources like butter, eggs and whole milk should be taken in small quantities. Increase the intake of grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables. A reduction in sugar consumption in the form of chocolates, cakes and ice cream will help you cut down calories fast.

Exercise Regime.
Without an exercise regime it is very difficult to lose the extra fat. Your body needs to burn all the excess fat in a disciplined manner that will ensure a slow but steady success. The exercise regime should be vigorous enough to get you the desired results. The exercises must be continued each week, slowly increasing the time till you can accomplish the whole exercise regime for at least half an hour without stopping. In this way a slow progression in the exercise will help your body attain the desired level of physical fitness.

Say "NO" to drugs and "get thin fast" methods.
Use of drugs and diuretics can be dangerous for the body and though it may sound tempting and quick, there can be side effects that are life threatening. Anorexia and Bulimia are two of the greatest perils the youth are facing today. The binge-purge syndrome has serious long term effects. What can be dangerous is that most bulimic persons look perfectly "normal" - what is not seen is the psychological, guilt and other effects the person is going through!

Introduce Physical Activity in your life style.
Use the stairs and not the lift, walk or cycle to the market, do your household chores yourself!

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