How to Bench Press to Get an Explosive Chest! Mind Blowing Keys You Shouldn't Miss at All

Published: 20th May 2010
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In your quest to get an explosive chest you might be attracted to various new machines in your gym, but do not forget that the humble bench press holds one of the most powerful keys to a massive chest.

Use these tips on how to bench press and get that explosive chest that you always dreamt about.

Dedicate a day to your chest. You should dedicate a day in your weekly workout schedule for your chest including your pectoral and shoulder muscles. Merely slotting in an exercise or two will not result in massive chest muscles. One full session dedicated to your chest will bear explosive results within a few weeks.

Dumbbell bench press. You should use various dumbbell presses to get an explosive chest. Make sure that you start out light but progressively increase your dumbbell weights to get a massive chest. You can either have the palms of your hands facing each other or facing towards your feet. Dumbbell routines such as Flyes and Hammer Grip on an incline bench along with flat bench routines will build up your upper and mid-chest muscles.

Barbell bench press. Barbells too offer an excellent chance to build up massive chest muscles. A wide, medium and close grip will allow you to work out different muscles of your chest, shoulders and arms at the same time. Make sure to do these presses slowly so as to get the maximum benefit of these exercises. Again flat and decline bench presses will result in an explosive chest.

Other bench presses can help too. You should also try out machine bench presses that will allow you to push weights in an upright or sleeping position. You can also perform bench push-ups with your feet on a flat bench and the palms of your hands on the ground. These exercises too will help develop specific chest muscles to the maximum.

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