How to Be a Girl Magnet - Reach Untold Heights of Excellence Among the Girls Fast

Published: 06th May 2010
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It will certainly pay handsomely if you manage to turn into a metallic hunk that can attract girls like a magnet.

If you follow these 4 tips then you are sure to turn into a tasty magnet for any girl that lays her eyes on you.

The 1st tip is to simply present yourself in the best possible manner that is financially appealing to you. Get into your smartest attire, work out to get strong abs that can make any girl go weak and smell deliciously macho.

This move will provoke girls to come nearer to you each time you enter into their sphere.

Another tip is to dip your mind in self-esteem so that you do not appear nervous in front of any girl. Use humor and charm to quickly make any girl comfortable in your presence and to break the ice within no time.

This move will attract any shy or bold girl into your fold. Make sure to observe the girls around you to check if your humor is truly making them smile or laugh.

The next tip is to treat each girl like a fairy princess from heaven. Do not simply turn into a yes-guy but instead woo them with flowers, candy or romantic cards.

Make sure that you also get your requests serviced instead of simply catering to their wishes. This will keep the table balanced at all times.

The last tip is to create a larger-than-life impression about you. This can be possible by either excelling in any activity that you engage in or by letting close friends compliment you regularly to build up your image.

This will create a mystical persona that will certainly attract girls around you like a magnet.

Hence, these 4 tips will elevate you in the eyes of all girls around you and attract them towards you. Use them and enjoy basking in their love and devotion.

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