How to Attract Any Girl Easily - 3 Earth Shattering Tricks Which Will Make Girls Chase You Around

Published: 28th April 2010
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It is not just film stars or rock stars that can attract hordes of girls. With these 3 tips you too will be able to attract any girl towards you like a butterfly attracted to a bright light. Use these 3 tips on how to attract any girl easily and turn your life around....

Tip #1 - Dress to attract any girl's eye. Dress smarter than others around you. Keep track of the latest in fashion but dress only in those clothes that suit your body and bring forth your individuality. Physical appearance is very important since a girl will respond positively only if you manage to impress her visually. You should also smell good and should sport a haircut that goes well with your face.

Tip #2 - Sprinkle confidence and aloofness in your attitude. You will require the right doses of confidence and aloofness to impress girls around you. Over-confidence or too much aloofness will find you standing alone. Experiment with smaller groups of girls until you get the formula right. Any girl will love to hang out with a confident guy since it seems almost like a dare to get hold of confident and popular guy.

Tip #3 - Flirt to floor each girl. You can easily flirt with the girl or girls of your choice. Use your eyes and body to send out the right signals to those girls. Let your eyes caress the face of each girl and your body language indicate that you are interested in what you see. You will also need to observe the girl's body language to check if she too is interested in you. This can be confirmed if she leans towards you while talking or tries to subtly hold your arm or keeps flipping her hair around.

Use these 3 tips and attract any girl towards you instead of running after them. The right package consisting of the right dress and attitude will attract any girl easily and you will simply need to read her body language to confirm the same.

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