How to Ask a Woman Out and Always Get a Yes Response - Here is How Every Guy Should Do it

Published: 27th May 2010
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So what is the most effective way to ask a girl out? Do you know that there are ways using which the probability of getting a yes response can dramatically increase? Most guys aren't aware of the right ways of asking a girl out and often end up screwing up their chances.

You see the main key to asking a girl out is not to ask her out at all...Yup! That's right. The main key to asking her out is not to ask her out at all. Read on to discover what I actually mean here...

When you ask...You give her permission to refuse...

This is the primary reason why you should never directly ask her out but rather do it in a manner where she cant help but say yes. For example instead of directly asking her out say something like -

Oh I forgot to tell you! There is this place...They make the best pizzas in town. You got to check it out. I am going there this Friday...Join me!

You see...You aren't really asking her out here but are some what saying that you are going somewhere anyway...And want her to join. The chances of her saying no here are reduced and the fact that you said they make great pizzas is even more of an incentive for her to say yes.

Tease her by saying no and then yes...

Another useful tactic you can use to always get a yes response can be by teaching her a bit. This can be done by saying no to something at first but then saying yes. We all want things we can't easily have therefore the moment a girl realizes she can't have something she would try twice as hard to get it.

For instance say something along the lines of-

You know...I want to take you to this xyz place but can't. I have a packed schedule.

At this she would she That's fine/Maybe some other time.

And then respond by saying...Oh wait!

I think I have a few hours free on Monday...Ok! Be prepared...I will pick you up at xyz time

So get the drift here?

Also you should never use words like - Would you go out with me? Do you want to go out with me...etc etc.

Simply because by saying "Would You"...You are seeking her permission and at the same time giving her the power to refuse or say no. Therefore the better way of asking her out is to say something like- You should come...Let me pick you up at....Join me on...etc.

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