How to Ask a Girl Out Without Getting Rejected! You Will Be Surprised How Effective This Is

Published: 12th May 2010
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You will normally get only half a chance to ask out a girl that you have been silently admiring for days, weeks or months and if you sound like Mickey Mouse then there is no way she will say yes unless she is Minnie Mouse.

Use these 4 tips on how to ask a girl out without getting rejected.

1. Preparation is the key word and you should first find out if your girl likes fast and furious guys or the strong silent type.

Modify your opening line according to her taste and not on how you would like to deliver it, even if you want to deliver your opening line in the voice of Darth Vader or well, Mickey Mouse.

2. You should also find out if she likes flowers, small gifts or jewelry so that once you have been introduced to her, you can gift her something that is dear to her heart.

Simply presenting roses to a girl that is allergic to flowers will only end up with her having a sneezing seizure and you getting the thorns of rejection.

3. You should definitely try to become friends with the girl of your choice before asking her out. However, indicate discreetly that you are interested in more than friendship and leave it at that. Let her first digest that fact before you actually ask her out.

This will give her some time to look at your positive points instead of simply pressurizing her by asking her out without any prior warning.

4. Instead of running after her, make sure that you impress your girl sufficiently enough to make her run after you or at least break down all resistance.

By showing restraint, maturity and sensitivity, you will be able to win her heart and asking her out will simply remain a formality that she will never be able to refuse.

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