How Does Attraction Truly Work With Women? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Published: 25th May 2010
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Almost every guy out there at some point and time doesn't understand how attraction works with women. What's even worse is a lot of guys try to attach the idea of attraction for men, to women; which means they think it works the same way for women as it does for men, but it does not! Also, you may think that what you think is how she feels, but that isn't ever the case either. And, trust me, unless you understand this secret, you will never understand women. Read on to find out the ultimate dating secret.....

Women are different when it comes to attraction:

o If you can understand this and harness the reasons behind it, then you will be ahead of 99% of other men out there. You see, when a man sees a very sexy lady, he will feel sexual attraction instantly, but when it comes to women, her sexual attraction is NOT triggered by looks!

o It's triggered by other things! Imagine that, and that's also why you can find a seemingly average or even ugly guy walking down the street next to a really gorgeous woman. Obviously then, women do not base attraction on the same things as men.

Those qualities:

o If you were to go up and ask that lady why she is with that average guy, she would probably tell you something like "well, there's just something about him", or she may even have a more complex answer; but the fact of the matter is, that women are more attracted to a certain few qualities in men.

o Mostly, it has to do with how that man makes her feel, and it is especially true to a man who knows how to push her buttons, so to speak. If you can push her buttons, then you are also able to grab her emotional side, which in turn is actually how women are made to be turned on and feel attracted to you in the first place.

Take that on board:

o If you were to really think about it, how you communicate with women, and how you act around them can really affect how they act in return. For instance, if you are really nervous and shy, most likely the conversation will run dry and she won't really have much to say either.

o Likewise if you act really mean towards her, she will probably feel hurt most of the time, and eventually would leave you. So how you make her feel, definitely has a lot to do with the attraction towards you, which means the key is simply to have the power to use your body language and communication skills in HER favor, and thus in yours.

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