Have You Tried Everything & Still Don't Have Your Ex Back? It's Time to Try These 4 Dirty Moves

Published: 26th May 2010
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Guess what? I got my ex back! While you are raving mad because your ex dumped you. Just like that he dumped you without any preamble. You feel betrayed because your ex took advantage of you. He just told you that he wants to get out of the relationship and that was that. You would not have been so mad if only he told you in a nice way. You want to get even by playing dirty mind games with your ex. Use these 4 mind games to get your ex back (and trust me, these ALWAYS work):

Say thank you & make it sound like the breakup was a good thing...

Let him know that he made it all easy for you. Tell him that you have wanted to split up with him. Let him sweat on your news. You can even write him a note that says "thank you! you saved me the trouble. Having an attitude of gratitude always works, because your ex least expects you to make the best of this situation. You actually should thank your ex anyways, because you both are taking a break now, and it's better to take this kind of break before things turn really nasty. Some people get into such nasty fights that people get hurt physically and the police get involved. That's not what you want either, so thank them!

Tell him you are very sick...

As in physically sick. Research on an illness that you can tell him you are afflicted with. Make is seem worse than what it really is so as to make him guilty and scared. The thing is this is a temporary set up since your fake sickness will eventually be found out. Better yet, tell your ex that you are sick of talking to them. It may sound crazy, but it will work. Next time they call say this, hang up, and don't answer his/her calls for some time. This will end up making your ex go crazy and nuts, as they will think you are seeing someone else.

Get his mother and family to come together for you...

This is assuming that you have a good relationship with his mother. Tell his mom how her son treated you. If the mother likes you then her son (your ex) would have a hard time dealing with his mother. If you are not in a good relationship with your ex's mother, steer clear from her as you will get more into trouble.

Tell him that you understand his decision so you have moved on...

Tell him about the how sorry you are for all the troubles you caused him. Shed a tear or two and try your best to play on his emotions. Wish him all the luck in the world and tell him that you so deserve the breakup. If you can sincerely laugh at this situation, then you have moved on. Congratulations!

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