Guaranteed Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse! Don't Remain Confused a Second Longer

Published: 06th May 2010
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You're not too sure if your spouse is cheating on you or not but there are certain things about your spouse's behavior that makes you suspicious.

Their behavior begins to be different from what it was and hence the suspicion.

1. Your spouse has suddenly begun to pay more attention to his or her looks and clothes. They seem to dress more immaculately than before, with all the grooming and special turn out these days.

2. The wardrobe is gradually undergoing change and becoming more branded than before. Or they seem to be going in for the latest trend in fashions. The choice of colors too is undergoing drastic change.

3. The phone calls suddenly appear to have increased and along with them the hush-hush tones in which they are answered.

And if you happen to be around the calls suddenly are answered as 'wrong number' or 'I'll call you later' or your spouse will just walk out of the room to continue the conversation.

4. The office meetings have suddenly increased or the work at the office goes late into the evening unlike earlier. Your spouse has started returning late from work more often now.

5. Your spouse has started going to the gym to get back in shape. Or perhaps jogging too is now part of their activity on a regular basis. Are they meeting up with someone in the park when out to jog these days?

6. Your spouse's taste of food has undergone change as well. They suddenly seem to have developed a taste for that something which you had tried for years to get them to taste. Now they eat it with relish as though it has always been their favorite.

7. Lastly, is your spouse avoiding you? Do they have little to communicate with you these days? They also seem to be too tired and not in the mood for sex as much as earlier.

All these factors will lead you to catch a cheating spouse.

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