Emotional Signs of Cheating - 3 Near Perfect Ways to Catch Your Spouse Right Away

Published: 23rd April 2010
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If your partner is making hay while the sun shines or rolling in hay while you are out slogging to bring in the moolah or simply cheating on you then he or she is bound to show some emotional signs while trying to hide the affair. Here are 3 emotional signs that your partner might exhibit while doing unmentionable things in the hay....

Sign 1 - Exhibit too much or too little love. While burning up in passion for the other person, your partner might also get engulfed by feelings of guilt or anger towards you. This might result in your partner suddenly getting very affectionate towards you or inversely, get too cold with you. He or she might also start fighting without any provocation.

Sign 2 - From confident speaker to a mumbling idiot. Your cheating partner is not an expert liar then this affair might change him or her from a confident speaker to a mumbling idiot. Your partner might lower his or her voice while speaking to you and even repeatedly say the places where he might have been in a bid to convince you that he or she is speaking the truth. Your partner might also avoid looking into your eyes while speaking and might look at the floor, the ceiling or anywhere else while talking to you.

Sign 3 - Explode frequently when cornered. Your partner might become paranoid with the thought that you might catch him or her, and this might lead to frequent explosions of anger whenever you try to probe a little deeper into his or her daily activities. This could lead to constant fights and arguments. This is an indirect sign from your partner to lay off those inquisitive questions.

These 3 emotional signs should be taken as signs of infidelity and you should discreetly probe further for credible proof instead of hurling any accusations at your partner since this will only make the cheaters alert and extra careful in future.

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