Easy Ways to Get Your Ex Back When They Have Moved On! Super Effective Tricks You Should Know

Published: 14th May 2010
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Your ex could have moved on after your breakup and might not even be considering getting back with you at all. However, you can still turn the tide in your favor with a few easy ways and get your ex back into your lonely arms again.

Praise your ex's top virtues. Whenever you are in the company of common friends make sure that you verbally praise your ex's positive virtues during the relationship. Your common friends are sure to knowingly or unknowingly relay your positive outburst to your ex. This will please your ex and the level of anger is sure to come down dramatically.

Wow your ex back. This move requires getting back your faded looks, jaded body and lowered self-esteem to such heights that your ex gets wowed after just one look at the new you. Going to a gym and spa, and propping up your confidence will also allow you to take some time off from thinking only about your ex, whereas one look at the new you will certainly have your ex thinking about you again.

Remain within your ex's family circle. Even after the breakup, maintain contact with your ex's family, especially if you have shared a great relationship when you were together with your ex. Do not discuss the breakup or force them to take sides. Talk pleasantly with them and enjoy just being friends with them. They will anyway pressurize your ex to re-think on the breakup and urge him/her to get back with you.

Pretend to move on, yourself. If your ex is just pretending to move on in a bid to spite you then you too can do the same. Act out as if you are dating someone and pretend to get serious with him/her. Once your ex realizes that you might indeed fly the coop with your new 'date', he/she might just drop the act and run back to you.

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