Easy Ways to Get Your Ex Back If You Got Dumped! 4 Undisputed Effective Ways Which Work

Published: 06th May 2010
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If your ex has dumped you, then it is high time you stopped suffering silently. Take charge of the situation in your hands. Ask yourself this - don't you want your ex to come running back to you? You do? That's great! Find 4 absolutely easy tactics given below for getting your ex back into your arms once again.

Show happiness - I know it's hard to keep your cool, let alone look happy when you get dumped. But do it anyway. Go out with friends for a few days at first, and then get a hot friend to pose as your new date. Your ex will turn green with envy when he/ she sees the two of you together, happily together. This envy can be a very powerful stimulus, and may bring your ex running back to you faster than you may think.

Turn on the heat - Behave with your new date in exactly the same way as you would do with your ex. Make sure your ex is watching the two of you together. Also, get your friends to talk about it with your ex when you are not around. See how he/ she likes it.

Don't forget the afterburners - Tell your friends (who also know your ex) that your new date is inviting you to dates in exotic locations, and that you are very happy with him/ her. Gossip travels fast, and you can be sure that your ex will know about this and burn with envy for hours.

Ignore your ex - If you have followed the first three steps properly, then chances are that you are getting phone calls from your ex. Make it a point to ignore most of his/ her calls at this point. Make your ex feel that you are too busy with your new date to attend phone calls. Take at most one call in every ten calls, if possible, and even then make it a point to sound busy.

These 4 ways are easy to apply and work perfectly to get your ex back into your arms. Apply these and work towards getting your ex back in no time at all.

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