Easiest Ways to Get a Girl's Phone Number! You Don't Want to Miss This at Any Possible Cost

Published: 18th May 2010
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If you want to take the first step towards befriending a girl or getting a date with her then you will need to get her phone number.

Here are some innovative tips that will entice any girl to happily give her phone number to you.

Try out some unique lines. You can try out different and imaginative lines such as "Now that I know how you sound in real life, I would like to hear how you sound over the phone", or "I have a way with numbers and I can easily repeat any number, starting with your phone number". If your approach is unique, it will most probably work.

Break the ice. You should make the girl comfortable in your presence by talking to her on topics that she likes. You can also inject humor into your conversation so that she starts to like you. This way, she will be much more inclined to give you her number as soon as you ask for it.

Leave the conversation without completing it. If you are in the middle of an interesting conversation, look at your watch suddenly and exclaim that you have to rush off for some important work. Ask her for her phone number so that you can finish the conversation over a cup of coffee. This would get you her number and an informal date in one slick move.

Provide assistance. If the girl requires any assistance then promise to provide her with help. However, make sure to tell her that you will call her and provide all the necessary details. She will readily part with her number and thank you at the same time.

Give her your number first. You should wait till the end of your conversation with the girl and give her your number just before you leave. This would compel the girl to give you her number too. Anyway, this move will also indicate if the girl too is interested in you since if she does not give you her number then either she is not interested in you or she is playing hard to get.

Show her your "new" mobile. Pretend to show her your "new" mobile and ask to see her mobile too. Once she shows you her mobile then simply key in your number and send a "missed call" to your phone, before asking her to store it. That way, you will have easily exchanged numbers.

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