Don't Panic, Because You Are About to Make Your Ex Dump Their New Date! Find Out How to Do it Now!

Published: 27th May 2010
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So your ex is dating someone new.... And you are panicking. But, instead of pushing the panic button, let's push some other buttons, and have more fun:

Your ex's buttons!

Read on to find out how you can make your ex dump their new date and take you back....

The new date, what does it really mean?

You know that your ex is dating again. But how do you know? Well maybe you were nosing around, or perhaps they openly flaunt it in front of you, but either way, the fact that you know, means your ex WANTED you to know.

If he/she really didn't want you to know, they would have made it top secret, but the fact that they wanted you to know means they simply want you to become jealous and chase them more.

But why would your ex want you to chase them, if they don't even want you back? Well, my friend, your ex enjoys the ego boost from all of this attention, and no matter WHO they date, they will never get that kind attention from anyone EXCEPT YOU!

Thus, they push your buttons so they can feel desired, wanted and everything else in one go....

Making them dump the new date

So now that you understand why your ex is dating again, all you have to do is literally cut off everything they were enjoying from you. This means all the calls, all of the messages, all of the attention, and all of the time will suddenly be gone.

Now, even though your ex is dating someone else, he/she will instantly feel deprived at this, and then will end up feeling lonely and desperate even though they have someone!

You see, no one can fill that void you fill, not even a new date, which means they will literally chase you around and dump their new date, just to get rid of that aching and lonely feeling you just created by ignoring them.

Making them regret not taking you back!

But hey, let's push another button while we are at it: the jealousy button! You can in fact make your ex jealous too. What you will do next, is you will begin dating someone your ex knows, and you will appear to be having the time of your life with them!

What will happen then, is that your ex will literally regret not taking you back, because he/she will become so jealous seeing you with someone else. Your ex will then desperately want you back, and will end up doing all of the things you were doing before: begging, pleading etc...

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