Does Your Ex Hate You? They Will Feel Attracted Towards You After You Read This

Published: 18th May 2010
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Hatred is the only thing people feel immediately after a break up. They want to convince themselves that they did the right thing by dumping you and so keep reminding themselves of all the wrong things you said or did to hurt them. Whenever they come face to face with you, they give you the "dagger" looks. Of course, you still love them and can get them to love you if you try this.

Self Esteem
Show them your mental strength by not falling at their feet for forgiveness. You may have committed some mistakes but you will get chances to apologize later. Right now you just need to collect yourself and face them with formal courtesy. Let them see how much you value your self esteem. They will admire you for this.

Pull Some Threads
If you have mutual friends, talk to your friends and spread it around that you admire your ex's certain qualities but the break up was not entirely your doing. Point out their mistakes without being overtly critical. Your friends should be able to tell your ex that it would be a good idea to give the relationship a second chance.

Invest in Yourself
Now that you are not seeing your ex, you can use all that time in some personality development. Sweat out at the gym, learn something new or visit some new place. This will keep your mind occupied and your efforts to improve yourself will get you complements from your friends. They will have nice things to tell about you to your ex.

Take a Chance
You can be bold and meet up with your ex to apologize about your mistakes. Don't talk about the past but make it clear that you realize what went wrong. You should first think of a solution to those problems, though. This way, you will have a strong base for your future together when your ex warms up to the idea of taking you back.

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