Does My Ex Still Love Me? 3 Sure Shot Ways to Find Out Whether Your Ex Loves You Or Not

Published: 28th April 2010
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Before you take any action to win your ex back, you will need to know whether your ex still loves you. Since it takes two hands to clap, you will certainly need to find out the true feelings of your ex before you take your chance. Here are 3 tips on how to find out if your ex still loves you....

No.1 Tip - Your ex can still read your mind. You might realize that every time you meet your ex at a mall or even at a party, he/she is quick to read your mind. He/she might go on the sly and get you your favorite drink or do other things without even waiting for you to speak out. This could by your ex's way of getting your attention and trying to tell you by actions that he/she still cares about you.

No.2 Tip - Your ex eyes you even when surrounded by hot people. If your ex still has his/her eyes on you even though there are plenty of fish circling around him/her, then this too is a sign that your ex still yearns to be in your arms. The look in your ex's eyes will reveal a lot. So, peep into them even as he/she tries to decipher his or her feelings.

No.3 Tip - Your ex still blushes while talking to you. If you find your ex blushing or getting bashful instead of bashing you or your feelings every time you meet, then this too could indicate that your ex still has those lovey-dovey feelings for you. After venting out all the anger, your ex might have done a re-think and realized that he/she still loves you and this could trigger a change in attitude and make him/her go weak in the knees every time you meet.

These 3 tips will provide you with happy proof that your ex still loves you. If your hand is ready to clap instead of slap then go ahead and take your ex back into your life again.

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