Does My Ex Still Love Me? 3 Extremely Effective Ways to Easily Figure Out Real Fast

Published: 27th April 2010
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After having spent considerable time with your better half it is very difficult to completely erase one's memories from the brain. Over a period of time you become emotionally dependant on your partner and after a long serious and fulfilling relationship if you breakup it is not easy to forget and move on in life. More often than not the feelings of love and belonging resurface after the initial wounds have healed and couples try and get back together, however, you still would like to know if your ex still loves you so that you can make your move and get back together again for good. Here are three ways you can find out if your ex still loves you....

He or she can't get you off their mind-

If your ex, after separating from you still calls you up just to check on you and know your well being it is sure sign that he or she still has a soft corner for you. Your ex will try and be in places frequented by you or hang out with friends where he or she is more than likely to bump into you. If you notice such things it is a positive confirmation that he or she is still in love with you and would want to be as close to you as he or she can.

Bribing their way to your heart-

After a breakup if your ex still buys you gifts and offers to pay for small things then he or she is trying to bribe your heart to regain affection. Your ex may buy you a new shirt or a pretty accessory and gift it saying it will look really nice on you. Your ex may also remind you about your doctor's appointment and certain medical checkups you yourself must have forgotten. Well these are tell tale signs that he or she is still madly in love with you and would like to get back.

Can't stop praising you-

If your common friends meet you and tell you that your ex was praising you behind your back and was very liberal in complementing your nature and attitude it is a sure sign that he or she still has feelings for you and would like to get back in a relationship with you at the first available opportunity.

If you observe any of these actions it is time you reevaluate your decision and seriously consider getting back to your ex. Remember a known devil is better than an unknown angel.

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