Does My Ex Still Love Me? - 10 Proven Ways to Find Out Whether Your Ex Loves You Or Not

Published: 30th April 2010
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If you are consumed by your love for your ex then do not worry since the candle might be equally bright on the other side too. Here are 10 tips that will lovingly tell you if your ex is still very much in love with you...

1-Has your ex established a calling pattern? If your ex has graduated from random calls to calling you daily at a particular time then yes, it is love.

2-If your ex has started including you in an increasing number of his/her daily activities then again, your ex has simply fallen right back in love with you.

3-Does your ex regularly return to those good old days and naughty nights? If your ex tries to steer you back into the past when both of you were madly in love then it is history trying desperately to repeat itself all over again.

4-If your ex has turned blind to different people dancing in front of him/her in a bid to get into a new relationship and instead has eyes only for you then again your ex is still in love with you.

5-If your ex keeps an eagle eye on the people that you meet and takes your potential suitors as a serious threat then the breakup is not yet final.

6-Does your ex still shower you with gifts? Does he/she mumble a silly reason for giving you those gifts? If yes, then the love is very much present.

7-If your ex asks about you to common friends then this too could indicate that he/she still cares about your welfare.

8-if your ex still defends you in any argument instead of turning on you then this too can be taken as a positive sign.

9-Your ex makes a deliberate effort to look better, dress cooler and uses all other available methods to impress you even after the breakup.

10-If your ex apologizes and makes promises to treat you like a queen, and also proves it by acting on his/her promises, then congratulations. Your ex is still deeply, madly in love with you.

So, check these 10 tips and if your ex exhibits them then you can be sure that your ex has still not gotten over you.

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