Do You Want Your Ex Back? Then Start Dating Someone Else Right Now - Find Out Why Here

Published: 27th May 2010
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How can that be? Isn't dating someone else one sure way of pushing your ex further away? Fresh from a break-up your ex is not in the right frame of mind to talk to you. You will just be wasting time trying to have a decent conversation (or argument) with your ex. What do you do now? Date someone else. Going out with another person after a break-up has its benefits.

It will help you forget albeit temporarily, your predicament. The process of healing will never start unless you accept the fact that indeed, you and your ex have separated ways. There is no use broaching reconciliation at this time. You need to take a "break" from the break-up.

It will make you feel better about yourself. Being dumped is a big blow to your ego. You need to reaffirm to yourself that you are not worthless. You need to tell yourself that there are other persons out there who would be honored to go out on a date with you. Dating someone at this point does not necessarily mean you are out to get romantically involved again.

Dating someone else will show your ex that you have moved on. Your ex needs the time to reconcile with his/her decision. He/she is also thinking about you unless if a third party is involved. When your ex finds out that you are dating another person, he/she might be jolted into running back to you. Try to genuinely enjoy your date. You are out to have some fun anyway.

Dating someone else will push you to look good and dress up well. You have let go of your looks when you broke up with your ex. You look and feel a mess. Having a date to look forward to would definitely prompt you get a haircut or restyle your hair. You would also need to buy some smart outfit for your date.

If you accidentally bump into your ex dressed to the nines and with a date too, your ex might feel jealous and be driven to call you up.

Dating will make open up new possibilities for you. Do you really want your ex back? Now that you are dating, do you think your ex is still the epitome of all that is "perfect" for a partner? Open yourself to new possibilities. There are other fishes in the sea. Why settle for the one who got away?

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