Do You Want to Know How to Get a Woman Curious? Tricks That Will Get Them Drawn to You Instantly

Published: 26th May 2010
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Did you know that what you don't say is more important than what you actually say to women - learn why.

Trust me, women are nosy, and if you haven't realized that by now, then you are in for a real eye opening experience. But why are women so prone to being nosy?

Women are nosy because they are challenged to know everything about you...

Women will work till pigs fly to figure everything out about you, but guess what? Once she knows everything, you are TOAST! You see, women don't really want to know everything about you, but rather just love the challenge of trying to get to know everything.

This is why women go nuts when they find out you may have a secret, or they go crazy when you tell them that you will "tell them about it later". Women want to know everything NOW, and become extremely emotionally drawn to you when they are not able to know things as quickly.

Women bore of men once they know everything about them...

You may already know this famous quote which states: "Focus on the journey, not the destination". The reason this quote is so relevant, is because as humans we naturally become bored of things after we have them for a while.

It's the same reason why you may always be wanting more money, that new shirt, a new car etc... Because once we have something completely there is nothing special about it anymore, and once we have all of it, we easily grow bored of it.

This is exactly why women can fall out of love with men so easily, and it's the same reason why you haven't been able to snag a girl yet.

"Don't say it", the simple rule which can have her going nuts over you...
Since women can easily grow tired of you once they are handed everything on a silver platter, what you need to stop doing, is simply answering her. Let her work for it, and let her sit there and try and figure you out.

She will want to know if you are single, she will want your phone number, heck she will want so many things, BUT the only reason she wants them initially is because she knows nothing about them, and therefore that presents a challenge to her.

This will have them emotionally drawn to you within seconds, because it will psychologically force her to feel the need to know you more.

Now listen carefully-

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