Do You Know You Can Increase Your Height After Puberty? Here is Something You Must Read

Published: 23rd May 2010
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In this modern era, medical science has progressed in leaps and bounds. Almost all the diseases are curable today. Short height can be categorized as a kind of disease but still it should never be taken as something serious as it does not affect health.

It can be due to physical structure limitations of the human body and sometimes it is due to genetic disorders. There are a lot of scientific methods that can be adapted to gain considerable height. Following are a few of them:

o Nature has given us so much. Referring to natural things to increase height is the best practice. Balanced diet can be handful to gain height after puberty. There are a variety of vegetables and fruits that increases the size of human bones. Milk, other than an energy drink also helps in enhancing height.

o Surgery is also a way to increase height but this option should always be used as a last resort. It is because, it is a painful procedure and it takes long time to recover. In this method, the surgeon breaks human bones and inserts metal plates between them.

o One of the most weird, innovative and effective way to look taller is to alter your dressing style. Vertical stripe clothes can help in this respect. Wearing shirt and lowering of same color is also advised to the short people. Moreover, wearing shoes with high heels and thick soles also enlarges height.

o Several height enhancing supplements and medicines are also available in the market. Using supplements can be useful but like most of the other medicines, it may also have its side affects. So, it's always better to adapt natural ways of increasing height - as it also enhances other parts of the body.

Considering impossible to gain height after 18 years of age today is just an understatement. People with short body stature shall never lose heart. Increasing height even after puberty is no more a dream. It is just a matter of making your mind to methods of different methods of height improvement.

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