Did She Reject You? 3 Super Effective Tactics Which Will Make Her Feel Rejected Right Away

Published: 27th May 2010
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Rejection is one of the worst feelings specially when it comes from the opposite sex. Nothing can be more painful than being turned down during an approach or having to listen to the word "NO" when you expected a yes.

A lot of guys tend to take rejection as their final fate and never make any real attempts to approach women once they have been rejected but you see this is the wrong way or tackling the situation.

There are some useful ways using which you can easily make the girl feel rejected even when she was the one who first rejected you. Read on to discover how this can be done...

Turn her words against her...

When a girl says or rudely rejects you...It doesn't really mean she rejected you. Your response after her reaction is what will determine whether she is the one who rejected you or you are the one who will be rejecting her.

Let's take an example here...If a girl says-

I am not looking for a boyfriend...Sorry!

You should respond by saying-

So are you hitting on me? We don't even know each other and you are already talking in boyfriend-girlfriend terms. Slow down.

And there you go...Now you are the one rejecting her instead of her being the one rejecting you.

Completely ignore what she said...

Another way to effectively reject her even when she was the one who rejected you at first is to completely ignore what she said to you and act as if you don't really care much about what was said.

For example if she says -

Stop trying to hit on me...This won't work.

You should respond by saying-

I was actually thinking about hitting on your cute friend over there...So no idea where you got the indication that I was hitting on you...Anyway! What's your friends name?

So you see?

Not only have you softly rejected her but at the same time you are making her jealous by showing her that you are more interested in her friend.

Twist her words to sound as if she is the one trying to hit on you...

Here is a very interesting way to make her want you even when she rejected you at first. For instance if she says to you-

Are you a player?

You should respond by saying-

That's not a good pick up line...Try something else if you want to impress me.

And this is where you have twisted her words and she would have no idea how to respond to you.

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