Creating Mystery to Get a Girl! If You Can Master This, Then You Will Never Be Rejected by Women!

Published: 26th May 2010
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Imagine a world where you could literally have any woman you wanted interested in you. You easily can get her attention, and even her number whenever you wish, and you don't really have to do much to get it either. You may be wondering as to why some men are capable of getting any woman they want. What could they possible have? Well, here are 4 effective secrets that you can use in order to attract and get women.

o Send out mixed signals....

Be polite, yet completely aloof. During conversations with her, show interest, but eliminate the rules of engagement. Give her some flowers, but once you see her again, just act casual. Buy her drinks, but never hang around with her the whole evening. Be considerate, but act normal whenever she engage in conversations with other guys.

Doing those things will definitely make her confused and as a result, she will pursue you just she could find out what your true intentions for her are.

o Appear to not be interested at all...

This is another surefire way to get any girl you want. You can do this by giving a woman plenty of attention in the beginning, then act totally natural and cool around her after that. Apply this techniques a few times and very soon, she will come running after you.

The simple way to do this, is to leave all compliments on "off" for now. This means that you will not compliment her at all, until you absolutely know she is interested in you or that she will give you some of her time.

o Make her feel positive and negative emotions all at once...

One of the common mistakes of most men is always treating women to a good time, but if you want to make them addicted to you, then show a bit of drama. Please her for one fleeting moment and make her unhappy the next.

You can accomplish this by teasing her and playing around with your compliments. A good example of this would be the following... Say this to her: "I really like something about you, but I also noticed something else about you which is really interesting." She will want to know what, but tell her "well, you wouldn't understand. I think it's better if I don't say. I'll keep it a secret for now".

This will make her feel curious to know and she will probably not let this go for the rest of the night, because she will want to know what it was.

o Just listen...

We all know for a fact that women love to talk, so let her do the talking. If you allow her to continue, then you will have no chance or time to say things about yourself and after the conversation, she would realize that she does not know anything about you, and this will make you linger on her mind.

Now listen carefully-

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