Building Attraction and Desire Back After a Breakup - Techniques Which Will Get Your Ex Back!

Published: 26th May 2010
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Magical ways and bold opportunities often pop up when it seems there is no chance. This is because those who have nothing to lose are often at their best without the fear of loss to cloud your minds and actions.

This is especially true in relationships. You will suddenly find yourself more in demand, and feeling more attractive both physically and mentally, if you accept your loss and move on.

This does not mean that you need to forget about your ex. Just means that you get on with your life, and enjoy it. That will not only make you happy, it also makes your ex think you're more desirable, and to want you back. Use these tips to help get your ex back quickly....

o You could hasten this process by going out or flirting with someone who is a good friend of your ex. This will unleash a powerful wave of jealousy which your ex cannot escape, because it is between an ex and a friend. The only way to resolve this sticky situation would be for you and your ex to get back together, and that is what your ex will also be thinking.

o If your ex is especially stubborn and refuses to entertain you, then enlist a few close friends and family members to vouch on your behalf. The same words, when said by someone whose opinion your ex trusts will seem a lot more convincing.

o You can compliment your ex when you get the chance, but not too often. Simply thank them for doing the things they have done for you, and show them really great they have made your life, even though you are not with them any more.

o And lastly, you might also consider getting your ex to think that there is more to you than was previously known. Take up some activities and habits which your ex loves and always wanted to do with you. You will see things in a different way and will feel better now that you are more active.

o Take, for instance, jogging. If your ex enjoys a good morning jog while you enjoy snoring into a pillow, then it might be time to kiss the pillow goodbye and hit the park before your ex reaches there.

o When your ex sees you all sweaty and out of breath at 7 am, that's more than enough proof that you're not the same person anymore. Gives you the opportunity to start talking and get back into the game, so to speak.

o You may also try impressing your ex by getting your personal life back together. This relates to your job, school, family and friends. When you were with your ex, I am sure some of these things slacked, so now it's time to pick up the slack and get the ball rolling again.

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