Awesome Pick Up Lines to Attract Women! Here Are the Lines Which Are Guaranteed to Get You Attention

Published: 27th May 2010
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One of the major reasons why a lot of pick up lines do not work...Is simply because men keep on using the same old rehashed pick up lines which don't really make any sense.

You see the best pick up lines are the ones which are directly related to the situation or the woman you are dealing with. A random pick up line which sounds extra cheesy/witty might or might not work in all cases.

This is the major reason why...I would like to share some of the most effective pick up lines which will get you results with women fast...Read on...

The push-pull theory...

Push pull normally means...Showing a bit of attention in the girl and immediately showing a bit of disinterest as well. This always gets the female attention right away since the female finds it hard to figure out whether you like her or not and that's what gets her curious about you.

Here are some example pick up lines involving push-pull...

You- You seem like a cute girl...But I don't think we will get along.

Her- Why?

You- Well! You seem like too much of a nice girl for me.

Her- Nooo! I am not that nice.

You- Well if that's the case then I am already scared...So are you really a bad girl?

Her- Yeh...

You- Alright! I would keep you around as my little sister just for trying extra hard. But don't get any ideas there...Be a nice girl now.

And bam...You have her attention right away. Women aren't used to guys talking to them like this therefore this is a guaranteed attention grabber.

The sneaky comeback lines...

Ok! Now let me give you some real sneaky comebacks which might not seem like pick up lines but are undoubtedly the best pick up lines out there. You will encounter a lot of scenarios where a girl might outright reject you...Right on your face.

This is where these lines work extremely well. Here are some examples-

Her- You aren't my type...Sorry I don't date guys like you.

Your response should be- Wow! Look at you hitting on me already. We don't even know each other that well and you are already thinking about dating me.

Her- You seem like a player.

Your response- Yup! I sure am...So you are into sports as well? I still play with my rubber duck in the bathtub.

Her- You are pretty boring.

Your response should be- Oh I see! Can't you get a better insult than that? I mean come on...My mum can do a better job than that. But don't worry...You will improve with time.

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