Attention Grabbing Conversation Starters - Playful Reproaches Which Instantly Grab Her Attention

Published: 26th May 2010
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A lot of guys have asked me this question: "How do I get a girl's attention?", and I'm surprised that so many men are in the dark about this, because it's actually quite simple: you just need to be able to have a fun twist on things.

But, to better help you understand what I mean, I am going to offer you a few attention grabbing conversation starters:

Playful Reproaches -

This is an easy way to open up a conversation and have her suddenly paying extremely close attention to you and your every word, is to playfully reproach her.

Here are a few examples of it's execution:

Example 1: Sitting somewhere beside a cute girl (on a train, bus, airplane etc...)

You: Is one of your feet bigger than the other?

Her: (looks down) No? What?!

You: Those shoes really make it look funny, but at least you covered it up by wearing something cute on top.

Her: Well, thanks?

You: Don't thank me just yet, I didn't even give you my phone number!

Her: What?! I didn't even ask for your phone number!

You: Look, I know you want it badly, but I don't just give out my number like that. Besides, I never know if you are planning on calling me 50 times a day. Then I'd have to turn it off and my Maa wouldn't be able to call me.

Her: hahah,

Example 2: In a lineup when a cute girl is behind you, look at your phone, and then turn around and say:

You: I'd be really honored if you would stop staring at me.

Her: What? I'm not staring at you!

You: Well I just received a text from my friend back there, and he said you have been staring at my ass this entire time, but that's ok, I'm really flattered, but we could only be friends.

Her: What do you mean?

You: Look, I know you are cute and all, but you'd probably make a better friend than a girlfriend, since you can't even admit that you like me.

As you can see, it's really all about being playful and not doing anything which she would directly expect. Instead of directly complimenting her and telling her how gorgeous you think she is, you can easily turn it around and make her feel psychologically glued to you by playfully suggesting that she is below your standards.

By using playful reproaches, you can make her feel challenged and put her in a psychological hold which makes her want to know if you really do like her or do not.

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