Are You Wondering How Do Celebrities Manage to Lose Weight So Fast? This is What They Do

Published: 27th May 2010
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Celebrities are in the eye of public scrutiny at all times. With the constant media focus on them, they do not have an option but to look good and appear trim every time they step out of their homes.

One can safely say that celebrities are looked up to by all and have a huge fan following because of the way they look. People want to look the way these celebrities look, dress the way they dress and do what they do. Here are a few things that celebrities do to maintain the way they look

Regular work outs...Procrastination isn't an option...

All celebrities are big workout fans and have personal trainers who look after their exercise routines. They are very regular with their exercise schedules and never skip them.

Also their fitness programs vary according to the roles that they play and hence need to keep varying and working on their exercise routines. To achieve a certain look that they want, exercise is a must and a personal trainer helps them stay on course.

Special diets...They watch what goes in...

Celebrities know that photographs can be airbrushed but when one has to make a public appearance, the real self will show. Hence they follow strict diets to maintain the weight that they have.

They also have excellent nutritionists who tailor make these diets for them and chefs who roll out healthy delicacies in line with the diet plan they are following. Apart from that, celebrities are programmed to resist temptation as the fear of putting on weight is far greater than the desire of eating a slice of pizza.

Diets are not an option for them that they take on when they want to lose is a way of life that programs them to eat smart and keep excess weight off

Motivation...The drive is what gets you there...

Celebrities are constantly motivated to lose weight and to keep the excess weight off. They know that if they do not look good the means of their livelihood is in jeopardy. Come on, even Oprah lost weight!

Celebrities know that weight is a very sensitive issue and packing on pounds, unless it is for a role in a movie, can cause them financial damage especially by losing endorsements. Also they know that the media will have a field day talking about their weight gain speculating all kinds of things if they put on an ounce.

No bad habits...

As strange as it may sound, the celebrities who have huge fan followings are the ones who are the healthiest. They are all aware of the ill effects of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia and the serious damage that alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs do to their bodies. Abstaining form these things helps them stay in shape!

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