Are You the Kind of Man Women Want to Reject? Find Out the Top 5 Reasons Why Women Reject Men!

Published: 26th May 2010
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If you have ever been rejected by women, especially repeatedly, then the chances are that you are the kind of man women simply want to reject.

Read on to find out the top 5 reasons why women reject men:

#1: Confidence levels are low

You can be nice, but at the same time you can have a confidence level which is so low that she really can't feel too attracted to you for very long. Nice guys almost always have a low confidence level, because you are making up for it by being NICE.

In fact, you even make up for your lack of confidence by always treating her out and doing things for her, but women hate to be treated like a physical object that can be bought or had easily.

When you treat her without a high confidence level, you inadvertently tell her that you really are just too nervous, are intimidated by her, and that you really just don't know how to handle yourself and therefore are insecure.

#2: Too Needy

Nice guys are also often perceived as being too needy, and a great example of this would be:

o Calling her to make sure she got home ok, or calling her to make sure she is ok anyways... and doing this too frequently and too soon.

A successful "Ladies man" would NEVER call her first, and would always make her be the first to call, to build the chase, curiosity and to present a challenge.

#3: Making her the priority

You end up putting your own needs aside and always putting her up on a pedestal, thus making her the priority. You will do everything she wants and needs, and in turn put your own needs aside and become a door mat.

This suggests that you are too needy to her, and literally gives her NOTHING to do in relation to you, because you are never telling her what it is that you actually need, and she gets bored quickly this way.

#4: Listens to her problems... and becomes her girlfriend

She sits there telling you about her past boyfriends and how they were all jerks who hurt you.

She tells you about her family problems, and about her work and how she hates it. You inadvertently become her GIRLFRIEND, and in turn she will never look at you like a man, but rather just as a FRIEND.

#5: Showing her what you want...too early

You make the mistake of telling her that you have feelings for her right off the bat or you simply show her what it is that you want too early in the game. Any time that a woman knows what you want, she will feel like she has conquered you and figured you out.

This in turn makes her move on to the next guy, because there is literally nothing left to know about you in her opinion, and you simply just made yourself look desperate and easy once again.

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