Are You Sick of Your Ex Ignoring You? How to Psychologically Persuade Your Ex to Talk to You Again!

Published: 26th May 2010
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There is nothing worse than to have someone you love ignore you. It tears you apart so badly, and makes you feel as if you are the most rejected and lonesome person on the planet.

However, your feelings are about to change about this situation, because there is an effective method which can psychologically persuade your ex to want to talk to you again.

Use these next steps to psychologically convince your ex to speak with you again...

No contact creates fear

Your ex is used to your adaptive routine. You call them all the time, and you are constantly trying to get into contact with them. In fact, you are so desperate to get your ex back, that your ex has literally begun to ignore you on purpose, all the time.

To reverse the way your ex feels about you, you need to cut off all contact, so that you can create fear in your ex. Your ex will be psychologically triggered to become afraid about the situation when you ignore him/her, because it will cause your ex to question a few things.

Once you cut off all contact indefinitely, he/she will begin to wonder if you have found someone new, and this fear will subconsciously trigger your ex to want you even more than they ever have before, because your ex will become jealous.

Triggering jealousy to consciously make your ex want to speak to you

Jealousy is one of the most powerful human emotions, because it triggers virtually any other emotion you can think of all in one go. Therefore this is the quickest way to psychologically convince your ex that he/she should speak to you again.

To effectively make your ex jealous, send them this text message...or send it in an email:

"Love you too babe! I can't wait to surprise you tonight, and I hope you are ready for the most sexy"

This message will instantly make your ex jealous and will have them literally believing that you are seeing someone else, but don't worry, this will trigger a chain psychological reaction in your ex's mind.

Your ex will definitely message you back or call you back, and will want to know what this message meant, and who it was intended for. However, once your ex does communicate with you, don't let them know why you really sent it, and cut the communication short.

Your ex will freak out because you are not instantly paying them the attention they are looking for, and in turn will chase you to try and get you back.

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