Are You Scared of Rejection? Here Are the Most Effective Ways to Reverse it & Get Power Back

Published: 24th May 2010
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When it comes to dating, almost all men want to avoid being rejected, but that doesn't always happen. Most of the time, in fact, you will face rejection more than you will face success with women, and while that stinks, that doesn't have to be your life story.

In fact, you can easily turn rejection into attraction, and can turn the entire situation around so that you won't feel or be rejected again. Read on to find out how you can completely rule out rejection....

Why does she reject me? - In order to understand how to rule out rejection, you first need to understand why you are being rejected in the first place. Let's put it this way.... women reject you because of 4 main reasons, and you may be shocked at a few of them:

1. She is already dating someone- But this is unlikely if you find her at a common social place, as women who are actually dating will not be easily found in such places, i.e. a club.

2. She likes your friend- Most men don't even realize this, but sometimes a woman turns you down, simply because she feels more attracted to whoever is with you at the time!

3. She wants a chase- She wont' just say yes, because that will make her look easy, and she also may be a bit insecure and think she isn't good enough to be asked on a date by you in the first place, which is why she has automatically generated a "no" response.

4. You don't engage her- If your approach were anything but typical, then she may have changed her mind, but since you approached her the typical way, she just yawned and said "tood-a-loo/audios".

What did you do - So let's say women keep on rejecting you, it's time to seriously take note of every single action you take, so that you can pinpoint the areas which are less attractive to women, and effectively remove your "faults" when it comes to pickup. Whatever it is that you did to get rejected, whether it was a "cheezy" pickup line, boring questions, begging, pleading, trying too hard need to stop immediately.

You want to be making her feel good not making her regret the fact that she has even gone out. Your job is not to show her how desperately you need a girl, but rather how desperately she needs you in her life.

Showing her a good time - A simple way to show a woman that she could use you around, is to simply show her a good time, and completely detach yourself from the outcome. The outcome, is whatever you want, and she mustn't be made aware of what you want, because the minute she knows what you are after, is the instant she will feel like she has figured you all out.

You do not want her to know everything within the first few seconds, which is why you should work on teasing her, and being playful as well as being able to have fun in the moment. Never just hand everything out to her, and don't be afraid to show her the good time she deserves, simply by handing out a different approach to her altogether.

Work on approaches that will have her feeling confused, engaged, and surprised all in one, because if you can approach a woman in this manner, you will also have her interest, because she will be trying to figure out still what you are all about, and trust me, challenges are fun for women, whereas easy men are not.

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