Are You Getting Weird Vibes Around Your Partner & Believe He or she May Be Cheating? Read This Now

Published: 27th May 2010
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If your spouse has been cheating on you then you have been surrounded by a web of lies that has been pulling you deeper and deeper into it. No matter how long you believe these lies at sometime you will begin to notice the gap in the stories.

But confronting your spouse on the basis of these lies is not going to bear any positive result. If anything, your allegations will be met with denial and in the end of it all you will be the one looking like a fool. But there are a few ways with which you can catch you lying spouse and nail him/her

Clothes check...

Do a random clothes check. Do it as soon as your spouse gets home and hits the shower or when you are doing the laundry. Look for compelling bits of evidence that do not fit the picture that your spouse has painted for you.

You never know what you might end up finding. It could be old tickets from a movie, receipts form a fancy dinner that you hadn't been invited for, a gift that did not make its way to you...anything. Keep your eyes and nose open for strange smell and sights such as lipstick marks or someone else's perfume.

Phone check...

No matter how hard it is to get your hands on your spouses' phone, find a way to do it. This might mean that you have to get up in the middle of the right to do so or sprint from what you are doing to your spouses' phone while he/she is in the shower.

Your spouse will be like a guard dog around his phone and you have to find a way of getting around this dog to get your hands on any telling evidence.

Credit Card Statement Check...

Go through his credit card statements with a hawk's eye to look out for any suspicious purchase. You might also stumble across payments that have not been made for you or for your household such as payment of some strange phone bills.

By doing some detective work you might be able to uncover that either that's the number with which all those illicit calls are being made or the number belongs to someone else altogether...maybe the lover?

Story check...

Your spouse is bound to get caught telling a lie at some point in time or the other. Pay close attention to what he/she says and soon you will be able to point out the errors to your spouse.

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