Are You Being Cheated On? Here Are the Proven Field Tested Ways to Find Out Before It's Too Late

Published: 07th May 2010
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Relationships work the best when partners reassure each other of their love and commitment. But not all relationships end in a romantic fairytale! At times a relationship turns into lying, deception and infidelity.

It is important for us to ask ourselves "Am I being cheated on?"...."Am I betrayed?" But the answer to these questions is like entering a maze! So here are five ways for you to find out the answer to the unwanted question...."Am I being cheated on?"

- Behaviour patterns: You will notice a subtle change in the behavior pattern of your partner. He or She may physically be present with you but not mentally. You will notice a missing link of connection between both of you.

- Lack of interest: When cheating your partner will find excuses not to spend time with you. His or Her interest and intensity will be seen on the losing side. Faking reasons of escape and spending shorter time span with you is also a matter of concern.

- Signs of Infidelity: It is impossible for a cheater to conceal their new relationship totally. Signs like faint marks of lipstick...or strong odor of cigarettes....and such telltale signs will help you out to come to a final conclusion.

- Money matters: A cheater will or may spend a huge amount of unaccounted money to woo the newly found relationship. Keeping an open eye on the money matters will give you a link.

- Evidence: A cheating spouse will almost never admit infidelity unless you present some evidence. So when in doubt or suspicion you must act. Keep a camera handy or spy in other ways toward collecting concrete evidence. Mind you that it is 'Ethical' to spy if necessary. It's a matter of your self respect!

Remember a cheater needs to be exposed! Always make a wise decision as it is your free choice to continue or to breakup. Keep your self-respect higher than Infidelity!

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