Amazing Mind Tricks to Get Your Ex Back Real Fast! Here Are the Secret Tactics You Must Know

Published: 13th May 2010
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You sometimes cannot forget your ex. You feel that your life seems meaningless if they are not with you and in your life. The mind is in a very delicate and fragile state. Instead of this, you should rather concentrate on getting your ex back.

There are a few mind tricks that you can use to get them back. The first thing is to convince yourself that you can face life and move on without your ex. Stay cool in front of your ex and make them realise that the break-up does not affect you at all.

This is important so that they realise that they do not affect you so much and will cause them to wonder whether you really cared about them.

You should start hanging out with your friends and should go to parties and social get-togethers where you know your ex is going to be. This is to ensure that they realise that you can cope and move on.

You should concentrate on making your appearance better than it ever was. Force your ex to realise that they made a mistake on breaking up with you.

You should get a close friend and convince him/her to act flirtatiously and even in a relationship with you. Drive your ex mad with jealousy. Make sure you do this in front of your ex and whisper sweet nothings and hold hands.

Get your mutual friends into the act and use them to talk to your ex. Have them tell your ex that they made a huge mistake in breaking up with you. Use them to praise you outrageously and gloss over your weak points.

Make them realise that they have made a mistake and will regret it if they don't rectify it quickly.

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