7 Ways to Make a Mind Blowing First Impression on Any Girl! - She Will Be Addicted to You

Published: 30th April 2010
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The first few seconds of meeting up with any girl will decide your future with her and it is hence critical that you impress the girl within those precious moments. Exploit these 7 ways to make a mind blowing first impression on any girl and sweep her off her feet in the first couple of seconds itself...

The obvious tip is to dress smartly but in ways that suits your body structure. What might be hot in the current fashion world might make you look like a monkey, so it would be better to stick to clothes that suit your body frame.

Of course, smelling good and a haircut that makes you look chic and macho at the same time would also be a big plus and any girl will surely get impressed as soon as you come into view.

A positive and confident attitude too will radiate the right signs and draw the girl into your aura. Introduce yourself with a pleasant smile and a slightly firm handshake, a hug or a nod of the head depending on the situation.

A good sense of humor will go a long way in keeping any girl happy in your company and the first sentence popping out of your mouth should launch the girl into peals of laughter.

Your eyes too can impress any girl within seconds. Look into the girl's eyes with your own twinkling eyes that indicate fun and mischievousness. Let your eyes promise the girl that good times await her in the future.

Your body language too should send out the right signals. Remain cool and relaxed instead of appearing tense. This will inform the girl that you are pleased to see her and will also make her emit similar signals.

The last way is to hone in on the girl you like even if there are many other girls around her. This will make the girl feel special as it will make her feel that you have your eyes set only on her.

So, use these 7 ways and make a mind blowing impression on any girl within the first precious moments.

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