7 Rules For Attracting Beautiful Women! Understand This & You Will Never Struggle Around Women

Published: 26th May 2010
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Sometimes attracting a beautiful woman looks like a monumental task. It can also seem impossible to attract an unknown beautiful woman towards you. At times it's the fear of rejection that keeps us from making a move and this fear sometimes leads men to make some mistakes that repel the woman instead of attracting her.

Beautiful women are not just attracted to the handsome hunks. The key lies in being able to trigger the attraction buttons in her.

o Stay in control: Meeting a beautiful woman and telling her how much her beauty overwhelms you will not going to get you anywhere. She knows she is beautiful and hence is used to the attention. Instead of being a puppy, control your urge to pay her compliments and be sparing with your approval.

Being in control will give you the upper hand and will ignite her interest in you.

o Challenge her beauty: By disagreeing with what she says establishes your personality as a man who is not merely swayed by beauty. Since she already has a hoard of puppy men, your disapproval will hit her ego and she will then try to say and do things to get your approval in the hope that it is reciprocated.

o Looks are not everything: Face it there are a number of fat bald men in this world who have gorgeous women by their side. This could be because either they are very rich or are very interesting. Keep your conversation interesting, real and witty.

o Sense of hygiene: You don't need to spend a lot of money to look god. Maintain a good sense of personal hygiene, be well groomed and wear clean, smart well fitted clothes. It will be much easier to attract a beautiful woman if you don't look like a sloth.

o Positive body language: Having a positive body language is very important, as this is one of the most effective ways of non-verbal communication that speaks volumes about you. Looking comfortable and interested in your surroundings is the key to attracting women.

o Maintaining eye contact: Maintain eye contact during your conversation. A beautiful woman is used to men gazing her down while she speaks. Pay attention and keep eye contact and resist the urge of checking her out obviously. You shall score brownie points.

o Keep the levels of confidence high: Be confident of yourself when you begin conversing with an attractive woman. Keep the conversation light and interspersed with wit and humor. Pay attention to what she says and don't hesitate to put your point across. You have to make her feel that you know your mind and are not afraid to speak it.

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