7 Most Vital Traits Women Want in Their Man - This is an Absolute Must Know For Every Man

Published: 30th April 2010
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Women are considered to be the weaker of the two sexes but they are no fools let me tell you. Women don't just run after anything that got a pair of pants on. All women are not the same. However, what they want in their man may vary....

Listed below a seven most vital traits that women want in their men

Physically speaking women prefer a man who is attractive and good looking. These men come across strongly; personally they do their women well. Women want a man who is confident in all aspects.

A woman needs to have a man who is emotionally strong and stable. This is because he will be able to handle any external pressures that may crop up. This quality also enhances the relationship.

Women want a loving, passionate and loyal man by their side. His intensity sets the pace of what they share. The man should have a certain amount of zing. Love is an action and is reciprocated accordingly.

A Man who displays independence attracts women because they can depend on him in every way. Men who cannot fend for themselves won't go very far in relationships or in life.

A major percentage of women look for that romantic streak in their man. This is because we all need some spark in life. It makes relationships more meaningful.

The outdoor nature in a man, his love for fun activities and entertainment makes a woman happy. Life can get dull and boring; this quality helps break that monotony.

In a long term relationship women look for a consistent providing ability in a man, in a short term relationship this trait is sought after as well. Faithfulness is honored as well.

Armed with this information you have a basic idea of what women look for in their men. A large bunch of women are particular while some are casual and just about anything in a man will do for them. Be a man who is aware of these traits and you will be rewarded with a woman who is all there for you!!

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