6 Deadly Mistakes People Make When Dealing With Acne! Do Not Ignore This at All

Published: 06th May 2010
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Acne is a dreaded word for most young people. It is no wonder that one should hate it because apart from scarring and disfiguring the face, it also takes a toll on the emotional side! Most people who suffer from this skin disorder make stupid mistakes that only plunge them deeper into the "hell of acne"!

If you avoid these mistakes, you can look forward to having a clear and beautiful skin.

It has been noticed that people who make wrong choices of food usually suffer from acne. People with acne tend to like oily, fried, and spicy junk food. This is extremely bad for their type of skin. Food that is rich in fiber and plenty of water is the ideal diet. Make sure that your insides are clear first!

Popping the pimple! Squeezing the pimples to get rid of them is another mistake. This not only is painful, but in doing so you are increasing the risk of getting other areas of your face infected. The bacteria spread and so does the infection.

Some people wear a lot of makeup to cover-up the affected area. This only leads to the pores getting clogged. Wear light water-based makeup and if possible keep the infected areas free from makeup.

Another mistake that people make is eating a lot of sweets and chocolates. Increase in sweets will not help in getting rid of the toxins in your body. Increase in fiber intake and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will help.

One more mistake that people make when dealing with acne is keeping the head/hair/scalp dirty. Washing your hair and head once in a week will only result in dandruff and more pimples especially on the forehead and face.

Using harsh and perfumed soaps is yet another mistake you should avoid. Perfumed soap is very hard on the infected area. Use of a mild soap twice a day will help keep the area clean and pores unplugged.

Remember, this is your face and your skin. Don't let yourself be discouraged about your situation, instead make up your mind to do things right and see the results! You won't be disappointed.

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