5 Stunning Ways to Turn Any Girl on Instantly - She Will Be Jumping Up and Down With Excitement

Published: 30th April 2010
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It's very easy for us men to get aroused, visual stimulation works very well. However girls are much more difficult, they require much more than just looking at a mans body. They also need some form of mental stimulation before they are turned on. There are 5 great ways to get your girl turned on in a snap...

Nice Smell-
It's very important that you smell nice, all girls have sensitive noses and so can smell very well. You should make sure that you use this to your advantage, use the right scents and make sure that your girl smells it.


It's important for a girl to be comfortable, before you start trying to make any moves make sure that she is comfortable being around you. You should try to be funny and get her laughing, laughter is a great way to relax and will be much easier to get her turned on.

Give her attention-
Girls like to talk, and girls really like to be listened to. When she talks to you make sure that you make and keep eye contact. Of course don't find yourself staring into her eyes like you are mesmerised. Instead you should do so naturally. This will make her very excited because it shows that you care about her.

Getting closer-
Once you've spent some time with the girl then she should start reciprocating what you are doing. For example if you touch her hand then she should hold it lightly, she might even touch your arm when you say something funny. If she comes close to you so that she can hear you then you can use this opportunity to sniff just below her ear.

Use what you have-
If you're a very strong man then you should use that to your advantage, but the same goes for whatever you have. Make sure that you make the most out of what you have so that you can make your partner excited.

These are five fantastic sure fire ways to turn your girl on in a snap. You wont even need to rely on any corny chat up lines!

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