5 Dirty Mind Games Which Will Make Your Ex Crawl Back to You! An Absolute Must Read

Published: 30th April 2010
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Restlessness! Sleepless nights are in vogue after you're recent break up. You are lost and lonely without your lover around. A million thoughts of the times spent with your ex are still fresh in your mind and somewhere at the back of your mind a thought takes birth, "I am going to get my ex back no matter what".

Here are five dirty mind games that will make your ex come crawling back...

Sometimes a relationship can get too messy and come to a grinding halt. Familiarity breeds contempt and there comes a time when there's nothing left to be said. Just stay away, break all contact and become invisible.

Try a makeover, attitude, clothes, hairstyle the works. Get physically fit as a healthy body has a very healthy mind. You bounce back with renewed vigor and vitality. And guess what, your ex will be mind boggled as he or she tries to analyze your antics.

Don't give any signs to you're ex that you are reeling from the rejection and it hurts you so much that you want to curl up and die. No, no instead stand tall and be confident. Portraying a winning exterior will have your ex wondering if you are done with him or her.

Next, send out feelers that you are likely to start dating this really smart guy or gal. This can be done through to common friends or colleagues of course. Can you imagine the state of your ex?

You are likely to receive a call from your ex by this time as he or she has some unfinished business with you. And guess what before long you will find yourselves meeting over dinner to know if the chemistry still exists between the two of you.

Try these five dirty mind games to get your ex back, they've known to bear fruit and it will be the sweetest fruit you've ever known.

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