4 Ways to Use Jealousy to Get Your Ex Back For Sure! Earth Shattering Trick Which Works Really Well

Published: 24th May 2010
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Although jealousy is not exactly the best option you have in getting your beloved ex back, it sometimes works, depending on how it's done. And how it's done needs to be in style. Some people consider this act cheap, tacky and desperate, but some people also surprise themselves and others because of how effective it really is. So, exactly how do you use jealousy to get an ex back?

Let's clarify one thing. Jealousy, when done in style does not mean flaunting other women and dangling them in her face. Now that is cheap and dirty trick. Learn the basics of triggering jealousy in an ex, and turning it into admiration, and the rest follows.

Make her jealous of you. Any breakup is painful for any two people involved. Sometimes, however, there is resistance from the other when the other makes a move towards reconciliation. Get a total makeover and impress her with your new style. You are triggering jealousy here because she'll be left thinking "How does he manage to look so good when he and I have just broken up?"

Make her jealous of your friends. Remind her of how fun of a company you can be by being with your friends, and showing them a good time. When she sees how your friends enjoy your company, she will begin to miss your fun times and will run back to you in no time.

Do not make her jealous of other women. This is an awful way to trick your ex into getting back with you. When couples break up, they still feel pretty possessive on each other, and seeing that the other has already found a new interest is painful and degrading. You don't want to make her feel sorry for herself, because in doing so, she will despise you more for showing her just how replaceable she is.

Do not make her jealous when she's still hurting. A girl who is hurting has decreased self-esteem, and won't appreciate anything you show, because it will only be something to aggravate her loss of self-worth. Best to give her the space and time she needs, while implying regularly that you're still here for her, waiting.

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