4 Ways to Make Your Ex Lover Desire You Again - Get Into Their Mind Like a Virus

Published: 29th April 2010
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If you want your ex lover to get back with you then you will need to re-connect with him/her on a physical and spiritual level that will just blow him/her away. Implement these 4 ways to make your lover desire you again, and again...

No.1 - Get hotter and bolder. If you have been ignoring your body, then it is bound to show and this could also be a cause in your lover running away from you.

Run back to the gym and do not come out until you have a hot body. This will also give a boost to your confidence and you will become bold enough to seduce your bored ex again.

No.2 - Look, but only from afar. If your hot new body and bold attitude have caught the attention of you ex then do not rush blindly into his/her arms.

Instead, act a little snobbish and let your ex only observe you from afar. This will make your ex tingle with excitement and increase his/her desire for you.

No.3 - Date your ex, and others too! If your ex asks for a meeting or a date, then by all means go, but do not commit immediately.

Let your ex realize that you are still checking out the dating market since officially you are not yet together. This will propel your ex into a jealous and desirous frenzy and build up the suspense.

No.4 - Relent when you feel that the time is ripe. When your ex has simply reached the climax of his/her physical and emotional passion for you then the time is ripe to relent.

This timing will ensure that your ex will never again think of breaking up with you.

Use these 4 ways and get your ex lover excited about you in an increasingly frenzied manner and wait until the last possible moment before you consent. These 4 ways will ensure a loyal and contented ex at your beck and call for life.

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