4 Stunning Psychological Tricks to Make My Ex Return My Phone Calls! A Must Read For You

Published: 14th May 2010
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Much torment comes to people's lives because of criticism and judgmental attitudes. A multitude of relationships are destroyed on account of these enemies. Your mind is the battlefield. Once you have realized the reasons for the breakup and have made up your mind to put things right, it is easy to work on a plan to get your ex to start noticing you and even return your phone calls.

Stop badgering your ex.
Stop making a million calls and sending your ex desperate messages in an attempt to make him/her call you back. The trick is to stop doing that immediately. Give your ex the time he/she needs to recover from the bad vibes and scenarios the break up caused between the both of you. Being cool and distant may actually make your ex to wonder about how you are coping and will cause him/her to be curious about you.

Appear confident.
Letting your ex know that you desperately want him/her back is a big mistake! Instead have a confident attitude that will make others notice you. Showing your ex that you feel ok about the break up may have an opposite effect and he/she will start to have regrets about the split in your relationship. The fear of losing you so quickly to another may make your ex try to get back to you. A timely phone call made at this point, will bring results.

Look stunning.
If your ex has been expecting to see you look miserable, then prove him/her wrong. Get a complete make over and look stunningly handsome or beautiful. Your ex is going to think that he/she made the biggest mistake of his/her life in ignoring those calls!

Be sensitive.
Be sensitive and caring. A discreet call now and then or a card that tells your ex that you miss those wonderful times spent together may make your ex long for you again. Throw the ball in his/her court and play the waiting game wisely.

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