4 Stunning Psychological Tricks to Make My Ex Return My Phone Calls! A Must Know

Published: 06th May 2010
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It is possible that your ex might stop answering your phone calls after the breakup. If you are also facing the same trouble then considering the following tricks might make your ex return to your phone calls:

1. Leave half message: Leaving an unfinished message on the answering machine of your ex can motivate him/her to call you back. You must cut your message at an important word. You can send message like this, "Hello, I have called to congratulate you for......" or "I have met with a serious accident at......." This kind of messages can make your ex curious enough to call you back for knowing what actually happened at your side.

2. Stop making calls for few days: If you are used to calling your ex several times in an hour or day but your ex is not answering the call then stop making calls for few days. Your ex might start wondering on why you are not calling them. This change in your behavior can make your ex worried on if you are all right and it is very much possible for your ex to call you back for knowing your whereabouts.

3. Send small and romantic text messages: You can send short and sweet messages to your ex. Instead of sending those long desperate messages, short ones can do wonders in making your ex answer to your phone calls. You must try to add romantic lines in the short messages that can reflect your care whereas long messages can reflect your obsession. Keep on sending short messages on frequent basis and then reduce the frequency so as to make your ex curious for why you are not sending the messages.

4. Have a common friend and call your ex: This trick can do magic in making your ex return your phone calls. Just ask the common friend to call up your ex and jump into the conversation once your ex answers to the call of common friend. Your ex might feel angry or shocked at first but you can convince her/him by using sweet and confessing words.

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