4 Stunning Psychological Tricks to Make My Ex Return My Phone Calls - These Are Dead Effective

Published: 29th April 2010
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If your ex has decided to act like an immature kid after the breakup and is not even ready to return your phone calls then a few innovative methods could make him/her return your calls.

Use these 4 stunning psychological tricks and make your ex return your phone calls...

No.1 - Leave half a message. One neat trick could be to call up your ex and when his/her answering machine jumps into action, leave only half a message, cutting your call after an important word.

Your message could go something like this, "Hi, ex, I just called to thank you for..." This will arouse your ex's interest and make him/her curious enough to call you back.

No.2 - Send short SMS's. Instead of a long SMS that looks desperate, send short SMS messages or even lines from romantic poems.

Do not send a SMS every hour but keep regular intervals between them. One or two messages a week should soften your ex within a short time.

No.3 - Have a friend call your ex. This trick could be tricky but could also work with great results. Have a common friend or even your ex's family member call up your ex from his/her phone and take over the conversation after your ex has answered the call.

While this might irk your ex at first, you could calm him/her down with the right choice of words, once you do start talking.

No.4 - Stop calling for some time. If you have been calling your ex on a continuous basis, then stop calling for a week or so. This could break the routine and you ex might start wondering if you are all right.

All these tricks could induce your ex to pick up the phone and call you back. Remember not to sound desperate when your ex calls you up since you will only have a short time to talk to him/her and convince him/her to meet you.

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